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- VT & NH Permitted Exhibitor-
-Fully Insured-
-All animals routinely health checked-
-Excellent safety history-

-Personal Code of Ethics-
Christina Swaan
Animal Care Consultant

Inspiring love for all earth's creatures

With over a decade of experience operating a nonprofit animal rescue shelter, I hope to inspire others to care about the welfare of these animals in both captivity and the wild, and help others learn to appreciate them.  Although it is my passion to care for and share these animals with everyone, I do this largely in my free time outside of my normal day job in ITCROC receives no state or federal funding, and all proceeds from exhibits, sale items, or monetary gifts goes towards supplementing my costs of caring for the animals and delivering programs.

CROC is NOT open for rescue/adoptions.
I am not accepting surrendered animals at this time.

For private pet rehoming, please review the options listed on the link below: 

Reach out for questions or support


For general inquiries email is the BEST method of contact, or use the Facebook Messenger app button in the lower right corner of this website.
 If you have a sick or injured animal needing immediate care, please contact a veterinarian  or wildlife rehab facility for assistance.

Check FAQ first for basic questions before contacting me.

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